Build deck foundations—and sales—faster with Perma-Column® precast deck posts


Precast deck post foundation system

Build decks faster. Sell more decks. Make more money.

Spend less time on each job site so you can build more decks — and build your business.

Perma-Column®  precast deck posts are the fastest way to build deck foundations. Used in combination with FootingPad® composite footings, precast deck posts eliminate the hassles of mixing and pouring concrete. Your crews will no longer wait for concrete trucks to arrive or wait for concrete to cure. You can begin deck construction immediately.

Perma-Column precast deckpost

Precast is fast

Accelerate your deck building process. Simply dig post holes, place Perma-Column precast deck posts onto FootingPad composite footers and backfill with dirt.

Perma-Column deck example

Perfect for all decks

From multi-level decks to simple backyard platforms, precast deck posts are available in a range of sizes to match your application and local code requirements.

Why builders love it

Testimonial videos from successful builders who are installing deck foundations faster than ever before — and experiencing rapid business growth.

ICC-Es How certification benefits you

Quicker permits and faster approvals

ICC-ES code compliance means your projects will obtain permits quicker, and inspectors will approve your foundations faster. Perma-Column precast concrete deck posts and FootingPad composite footers are certified to meet international building and residential code standards.